Mithraic Frieze – Roy Campbell

Edith Sitwell used this term for verses which depend primarily on their sound for meaning. In their more extreme forms sense is almost completely sacrificed to aural effects.
Among writers using English Roy Campbell (1901-57) was perhaps the most outstanding and prolific experimenter. This example is taken from his series MITHRAIC FRIEZE, published in MITHRAIC EMBLEMS:
Of seven hues in white elision,
the radii of your silver gyre,
are the seven swords of vision
that spoked the prophets’ flaming tyre;
their sistered stridencies ignite
the spectrum of the poets’ lyre
whose unison becomes a white
revolving disc of stainless fire,
and sights the eye of that sole star
that, in the heavy clods we are,
the kindred seeds of fire can spy,
or, in the cold shell of the rock,
the red yolk of the phoenix-cock
whose feathers in the meteors fly.

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    Jul 01, 2006 @ 20:17:36

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